Monthly Archives: May 2009

Brüdder To Produce Tourism Squamish Commercial Campaign

We are very pleased and excited to announce that Brüdder Productions was awarded the bid to produce a campaign for Tourism Squamish. After several meetings and pitches of concept and logistical planning, the Tourism Commission of Squamish and a Whistler PR firm felt we were the right fit for the ambitious project based mainly on our creative concept and experience in producing Tourism based commercial products. The concept centers mainly around 10 strategically defined vignettes and the tag line of[…] Read more »

The Van Moof

It certainly wasn’t easy but the Moof has arrived safely in Vancouver. A week long trip to Amsterdam was the setting for an unexpected romantic rendezvous with a Dutch beauty. I knew I needed a good set of wheels for getting around Amsterdam and although renting a classic city bike was certainly an option I figured it would be worth while perusing some of the shops to see if anything caught my eye. And that’s when it happened. Through the[…] Read more »

NSSS Charitable Video Production

Brüdder Donates Services To Produce Fundraiser Video for NSSS Brüdder heard about the North Shore Schitzophrenia Society’s need for a promotional video for their first annual public fundraiser and immediately set up a meeting with the organization’s founders and operators. After some discussions Brüdder quickly came on board and committed to producing a 7 minute feature video to be shown at the fundraiser as well as online to help connect with individuals interested in contacting the[…] Read more »