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Underwater Shark Video

We returned to Stuart Cove, the world famous dive shop, renowned mainly for its shark dives and work with popular films. Our goal was to get some more stills and video that we felt we missed on our first visit at the beginning of the trip. This time we had the chance to do multiple dives over a few days without any pressure to jet set off to another island. We returned to a sunken ship wreck for our first[…] Read more »

The Effective Use of Video for Websites

Helpful Applications of Video on The Web

Morgan Guitars

Video is a versatile and creative tool that is becoming more and more prevalent in marketing & communications through the web.

[…] Read more »

Mother Nature Is In Charge

This is what happens when you try to shoot in the Caribbean during the rainy season. Today was meant to be a deep sea fishing shoot in The Bahamas. We got about a half hour out from shore and could see the dark clouds devouring the horizon and moving quickly toward us. We hoped we could blast through it and things might clear but once we were deeper at sea we were greeted by an even more intense storm complete[…] Read more »

Island Hopping in The Bahamas – Video/Photography Shoot

The crew and agency climb aboard We certainly are getting around the Bahamas…pretty much every day we are flying or boating from one island to the next to meet new characters to interview for the The Bahamas UK campaign. Its great introductory geography lesson on the differentiating factors of each of main islands of the Bahamas. Biggest trouble is fitting all of our gear onto the small planes. More than once we have had to leave our client behind,[…] Read more »

Big Macs in The Bahamas

This is what happens when you get a photographer and videographer staying in the same villa – Mac Geek Fest. But you can never be too prepared…

Stuart Cove Underwater Shark Video Shoot

Nothing like starting a shoot with a dive with sharks. That is what I always say. I joined a photography friend and colleague Pete Webb for a combined, two week photo and video shoot in The Bahamas. The trip focused on different characters and personalities living on a variety of the many islands that made up the Caribbean country. Pete was getting portrait shots for print and billboard, as well as for the UK website while we were doing interviews[…] Read more »