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No Brandy. Just Wine

Brandywine Meadows Sets The Scene For The Squamish Mountain Bike Vignette With the cable cam section of the mountain biking vignette completed, our next plan was shooting the alpine scenes. We committed to Brandywine Meadows not only for the natural beauty of the area but once again for logistical purposes. Brandywine Meadows was certainly and easier alpine region to access with some tough old logging roads leading a good portion of the way up. Craigs truck played camel once more[…] Read more »

Dead Heads

Photo Credit: Noel Hendrickson Photographer, friend and colleague Noel Hendrickson ( joined me for a day in the cold waters of Howe Sound to get footage and stills of kiteboarding and windsurfing for the Tourism Squamish project. Donning “flattering” dry suits and helmets we plunged ourselves into the converging currents of the Sound to grab pick up shots for one of the projects commercial vignettes focusing on a Kiteboarder. Photographer, friend and colleague Noel Hendrickson ( joined me[…] Read more »

Microsoft Animated Video – “The Race”

Storyboard Page from “The Race”

Video 2 for the Microsoft campaign “Race To Market Challenge” is complete!

Cable Guys

Angry Midget was our Cable-Cam trail of choice, as recommended by Taylor. We scouted a few options in the days leading up to the shoot and felt good about this choice. Not only did the trail offer the quintessential forest look we wanted to feature but there were plenty of big trees and spacing to allow for the cables to be run in the appropriate positions. Ambrose Weingart joined the Brüdder team for this specific day and lent us his[…] Read more »

Microsoft Campaign – First Video Animation “The Scoop” Launched

Storyboards from “The Scoop”, the first of 5 Animations

Well, after a hectic, quick turnaround we delivered the first “Race To Market Challenge” to very positive response.

Only 4 more videos to go!

Watch the animation at our homepage: Brüdder Homepage

Microsoft Animated Commercial Campaign

Brüdder Productions teams up with Blast Radius again to develop an animated campaign to promote “The Race To Market Challenge”, a competition for mobile developers to create Apps for their new Microsoft App store. We were charged with the task of developing a simple, clear animated concept in an effort to minimize traditional Microsoft branding and simplify the message as the campaign was targeted at App developers, not standard customers. We also had a very tight turnaround to produce[…] Read more »