Monthly Archives: August 2009

Video Shoot Overlooking the Howe Sound

One of the great things about producing video, especially travel and tourism projects, are the random places you find yourself or the access to locations you didn’t even knew existed. Last night was one of those moments. Through our ongoing production for Tourism Squamish we had the good fortunate to shoot some corporate scenes from a truly stunning vantage point. We lucked out again with the weather, something we were certainly concerned about given our scenes revolved around a corporate[…] Read more »

Video Helicam Golf Shots

In an effort to generate some unique perspectives for our golfing footage for the Tourism Squamish project, we incorporated some low aerial footage through a special helicam rig designed and built by Greg Jestico. The helicam – dubbed the “eagle eye” by its maker – certainly provided a great viewpoint to shoot from and added a nice sense of movement to the shots. Shooting from the ground provides great shots but doesn’t always give you a sense of the course[…] Read more »

Hangar 18

Vida Jurcic, Partner at Hangar 18 Creative We at Brüdder had the good fortune to work with the creative folks at Hangar 18 to produce some quirky identity spots. We have long been proponents of using video as an alternative to the traditional “About Us” or “Who We Are” sections on websites. It is a perfect opportunity to use video for one of its great strengths which is direct, personal communication. A creative video offers the chance for potential clients, partners[…] Read more »