Monthly Archives: September 2009

Kenton Gilchrest – AKA “The Composer”

A special shout out to Kenton Gilchrest, not only the voice behind the Tourism Squamish Mountain Biking vignette but the composer of the music for the Tourism Squamish Campaign. Kenton took our original creative brief and sonic vision for the project and truly brought it to life. He was great to work with, accommodating the usual tight timelines and changing technical and creative requirements to meet our needs. Thanks Kenton, you have added a wonderful layer to the Tourism Squamish[…] Read more »

Squamish Aerials Video Shoot

After almost 40 days on location in Squamish shooting our campaign for the Tourism Commission it was all coming to an end. What a fitting way too. We had obviously been nervous about committing to one day for shooting the aerials. The weather in the region was always fairly unpredictable and could change quite quickly, so there was never any real security in our decision. But we simply just needed to find a period of 2-3 days that was forecasted to[…] Read more »

The Chief: Part 2 of 2 With the rock face shoot successfully under our harness, we quickly shifted our focus to the second part of the Rock Climbing vignette which was to be filmed at the summit of the Chief. To maintain the consistency of the story and to once again maximize the end of day light, we set off up the famous Chief trail just after lunch, allowing ourselves some extra hiking time due to the copious amount of dead weight we[…] Read more »

Staring the Chief In The Face: Filming the Squamish Climbing Vignette: Part 1 of 2 The filming of the Rock Climbing Vignette, as part of our Tourism Squamish campaign, had always been highly anticipated. We were looking forward to the challenge of capturing the essence of one of the more iconic activities in Squamish. The biggest concern had always been weather and logistics. We needed beautiful weather for more than just aesthetics. Rain would make it impossible for us to safely be on the rock face. From a logistical stand point, we[…] Read more »