Monthly Archives: January 2010

Nivea Video Campaign Shoot Wrapped

The Nivea video shoot is successfully complete. The production, shot on RED was a series of short vignettes to populate Nivea’s global website, highlighting a series of exercises and “On The Go” workouts to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The production was a collaboration with the digital agency Blast Radius Amsterdam for the client Nivea based in Hamburg, Germany. The challenge was integrating the new video content into the website design while maintaining consistency with pre-determined graphic design and a[…] Read more »

Nivea Body Video Campaign

Winters in Vancouver can be pretty wet, dark and gloomy so the prospect of shooting a series of videos for Nivea that must look and feel like summer had its obstacles. But with some quick planning and a truck load of sod and foliage, we felt confident we could make the transformation. A full day of shooting was required outside on a residential patio and with relentless rainfall leading up to the shoot day we opted for a couple of[…] Read more »