Nivea Body Video Campaign

Winters in Vancouver can be pretty wet, dark and gloomy so the prospect of shooting a series of videos for Nivea that must look and feel like summer had its obstacles. But with some quick planning and a truck load of sod and foliage, we felt confident we could make the transformation. A full day of shooting was required outside on a residential patio and with relentless rainfall leading up to the shoot day we opted for a couple of white, 20×30 tarps to string over the backyard and essentially create a massive tent. With 3M wrapping so many structures around the city for the upcoming Winter Olympics, we should have perhaps just given them a call. Lucky for us, our weather karma proved high as we found the skies open and the sun pour down on us instead. This created some new issues but we were able to quickly adapt by using the same tarps to essentially track the suns path and control the hard light splashing throughout our set.

We used a blow torch to dry all the patio stones and your basic propane heater to keep our scantily clad Nivea model Jocette Coote from having what she called “chicken skin” in the cold weather.

We look forward to completing the edit and posting our results – stay tuned.

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