Monthly Archives: April 2010

Kickstarter – Community Support For Creative Ventures

Kickstarter This is a great program set up in the United States to help support creative endeavors of all sizes. I love the model of the artistic and business community sharing their ideas and concepts and people supporting them financially in varied donations. I think this model goes beyond just the financial support, it empowers people to initiate projects that might fly under the radar of traditional or governmental funding and allows the public to feel inspired and connected to[…] Read more »

Blend Images Conference

So what did we learn by attending the Blend Images Conference in Palm Springs? Firstly, and most important, the iPhone is not resistant to prolonged bathing in a hot tub. Secondly, we are on the right track. As invitees, I attended the private, conference attended by some high profile industry insiders with my photography colleagues Noel Hendrickson and Steven Errico. The theme was the evolution of motion for still photographers. As one of the few, sole Video Producers there I[…] Read more »

Brüdder Productions Motion Control Timelapse Rig

Time Lapse Motion Control Rig Test #1 from Brüdder on Vimeo.

Timelapse photography is one of those mesmerizing but evasive techniques. It takes dedication, skill and a mix of fortuitous timing and being in just the right position to pull off a truly engaging and effective timelapse shot. Here at Brüdder we have been experimenting with timelapse photography for some time, and as great as the shots are there is a level of commitment that few put in to[…] Read more »

Video Promos Featured In New Hangar 18 Website

Hangar 18 Creative Group, based in Vancouver, Canada launched their new site which included work produced by Brüdder. Hangar 18 Creative asked Brüdder to produce a series of looped videos featuring each of their staff in a generic location or scenario of their choice. Each video bares the iconic Hangar 18 reference to a “cheesy UFO caught on tape”. The videos are a playful way of introducing the unique personalities of each H18 team member. Frames from the videos have also[…] Read more »