Blend Images Conference

So what did we learn by attending the Blend Images Conference in Palm Springs?

Firstly, and most important, the iPhone is not resistant to prolonged bathing in a hot tub.

Secondly, we are on the right track.

As invitees, I attended the private, conference attended by some high profile industry insiders with my photography colleagues Noel Hendrickson and Steven Errico. The theme was the evolution of motion for still photographers. As one of the few, sole Video Producers there I could have waved my fist in fury, defending my pixelated turf but instead it was a reminder of the digital renaissance that my colleagues and I had already been preparing for.

Several months earlier, Noel, Steven and my production company Brüdder had made preparations for our new Collective which focused on collaborative team of digital artists producing content simultaneously in multiple formats, namely video and photography. It was a process we were already thoroughly engaged in whether as part of our regular, collaborative stock shoots for Getty Images or for clients who were both aware (and unaware – an education process was required) that they would benefit from shooting video and still content simultaneously – an approach that is not only cost effective in the long term, but more consistent and inspired in creativity. The more experienced minds collaborating and working together to achieve a single goal, the more succinct and ultimately the higher the quality of the final product.

The Pott’s Photo-Marketing Blog has a good article on this here which an industry friend Sarah Tesla had tweeted about as well:
Content Convergence

In the spirit of that collaboration Noel, Steven and Brüdder organized a stock shoot in and around Palm Springs taking advantage of the proximity of the wind farms and Joshua Tree National Park. Some samples here:

Getty Images – Couple Sunset Shot from Brüdder on Vimeo.

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