Is Brüdder Baffin Island Bound?

We at Brüdder are very excited at the challenge we have set before us. What is life without some adventure? Our current trial of choice is a global, short film competition which will have us produce a 3 minute film by August 8th based on a predetermined script. And that’s not truly the challenge. We feel we have an exciting and relevant concept, the tricky part is that we need to film it in a specific part of the Arctic and it needs to happen within a month.

Needless-to-say, a quick jaunt to the Arctic on the rapidly melting sea ice patrolled by hungry polar bears isn’t just a walk in the park and isn’t cheap. But we will not let this stop us. That is why we have created our Brüdder Baffin Bound Promotion. We are offering highly subsidized video productions and photo shoots for 5 potential clients in order to quickly raise capital for this expedition. We love the idea of this because it is a win-win scenario. Our potential clients and partners get professional marketing materials and we get to make an exciting short film.

If this sort of collaboration sounds exciting to you or you know an individual or organization who could benefit from this then please pass it on. If you simply want to follow our adventure then keep in touch as we will be posting an ongoing website dedicated to the project, including behind-the-scenes vignettes and stories. Can Brüdder do it? Of course we can (cheer & shake pom poms now).

Baffin Bound Promotion

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