Monthly Archives: July 2010

Making It Happen.

I feel it is important to talk about this now. It is important to talk about it before there is any final product to scrutinize, criticize, love or hate. It is important because it is the most essential element and no matter where we arrive, no matter what we make, no matter if we feel we fail or succeed we must first take a chance and believe. That is the most vital commitment. We must have faith and be willing[…] Read more »

Anirniq Blog Updated Daily & Flickr Page

We have returned from Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic and we will be updating our short film blog daily, reflecting back on the trip and looking forward at post production. We have also uploaded behind-the-scenes images from the project on our flickr page:

Baffin Island Flickr Page
Anirniq Short Film Blog