Making It Happen.

I feel it is important to talk about this now. It is important to talk about it before there is any final product to scrutinize, criticize, love or hate. It is important because it is the most essential element and no matter where we arrive, no matter what we make, no matter if we feel we fail or succeed we must first take a chance and believe. That is the most vital commitment. We must have faith and be willing to be the fool, if perhaps for just a moment. We must be willing to fall on our face. Like children learning to walk, talk or ride a bike we need to except that it is an imperfect process full of bumps, bruises and broken sentences. But the shear act of trying and challenging ourselves is the only way we can possibly grow and learn and evolve what we do. As all travelers can appreciate, it is the journey, not the destination that truly matters.

This summer I had an incredible journey. I am yet unsure of the destination but I feel I am here at the summit, surrounded by talented and brave individuals who either believed or learned to believe in this project. That is a special and incredible feeling. I just wanted to remind all of us who have ideas, crazy ideas, even silly ideas that it is absolutely critical that we don’t sit idle and wonder ‘should I?’. ‘Can I?’. Can you really afford not to? That is the real question.

Whether you like or dislike what you make, please love the passion and efforts you invested to make it happen. That is what makes us our process wondrous.

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    • 9:13 pm
    • Thursday August 19, 2010
    • David Michaelson

    But the shear act of trying and challenging ourselves

    sheer – ultra
    shear – opposing forces (scissor action – shearing force)

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