The Fastest Shoot In The West

Not that there were really any specific deadlines for us to shoot and edit to, aside from those that were internally self imposed, we are happy to announce the completion of our short film STAG. Time can be an ally and and an enemy of the creative process. This is especially true of projects without a client or a specific target event. Plans and schedules can be pushed, delayed and postponed for all kinds of valid reasons so without the friendly confines of a deadline an idea can drift forever in the perpetual state of development.

With Stag, we had set a company goal in the Fall to complete a short film before 2012. We didn’t necessarily have to do this, we wanted to do this and we felt it was important to hold ourselves accountable and meet the challenge. With the help of a truncated Kickstarter campaign, the commitment of our creative team, crew and of course our external supporters we in fact realized our goal. As a further healthy pressure, we preset our launch date and public screening for the film only 12 days after our final day of our 2 and a half days of shooting.

Would we do this again? Maybe. Do we need to do it again? Not likely. But it was a valuable experience and sometimes a necessary approach to get things done. We certainly have an added respect for time and the creative process.

Thanks again to all those who were involved and helped make this happen!

Enjoy the film:
Password: brudderstag

The original Kickstarter campaign:
Stag on Kickstarter

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