Exploring Nautilus Explorer

All photos compliments of Noel Hendrickson www.hendricksonphoto.com Thanks to Nautilus Explorer I had the wonderful opportunity to spend New Years on a boat in the middle of nowhere with my photographer friend and colleague Noel Hendrickson. The one week live aboard trip left Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and journeyed south into the open sea to the small islands of Socorro, San Benedicto and Roca Partida for some world class diving. The marine oasis is famous for its intimate interactions[…] Read more »

The Fastest Shoot In The West

Not that there were really any specific deadlines for us to shoot and edit to, aside from those that were internally self imposed, we are happy to announce the completion of our short film STAG. Time can be an ally and and an enemy of the creative process. This is especially true of projects without a client or a specific target event. Plans and schedules can be pushed, delayed and postponed for all kinds of valid reasons so without the[…] Read more »

Stag – A New Short Film Through Kickstarter

We are very excited about our latest project, a short film called Stag. This is our first time using the crowd-sourcing platform of Kickstarter to help fund the project. Kickstarter is an exciting and incredible tool for artists, inventors and creators to gain financial support from the public. Their website is well constructed. It is easy to search for projects and navigate through what they are about and what they have on offer. What Kickstarter does is allow the creators[…] Read more »

BC Rugby Hits Hard.

Sometimes it’s better to be behind the camera. Over two cold, rainy nights, players of BC Rugby and the Canadian national program beat the hell out of themselves and each other in the name of promotion. I suppose this is what they do on a regular basis but we thank them just the same. BC Rugby approached Brüdder on the heels of our production for the UVIC Vikes video we produced this past summer and wanted a campaign of[…] Read more »

Forsaken – The Feature Film Project

We are excited to announce that we are in development of the feature film project Forsaken. Follow along on the Forsaken Facebook page or the dedicated feature film Forsaken blog. The film is based on a true story as told in the books The Godforsaken Sea and Close To The Wind, an amazing adventure that follows one of the greatest single handed rescues at sea by Pete Goss of fellow sailor Raphael Dinelli. Trust us, this is one compelling and[…] Read more »


Anirniq Awarded Best Short Film at VIMFF

We are proud of our short film Anirniq being selected as Best Short Film at VIMFF, The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival. We have since been invited to the 2011 Worldwide Short Film Festival and The New Zealand Mountain Film Festival. Let’s hope we continue the journey.

Anirniq on Vimeo

West Vancouver Community Center Cross Media Shoot

This summer Brüdder Productions teamed up with two great photographers Noel Hendrickson and Steven Errico to form a Collective called Assembly that produces cross-media content and campaigns (HD video and photography). We have been collaborating for years but we really wanted to focus and formalize our creative partnership as we believe that we offer an effective and efficient service. Just this past month we completed a 7 day shoot for the West Vancouver Community Center. It was an ambitious and[…] Read more »

Anirniq is Live

We are very excited to announce the completion and launch of our short film fable Anirniq produced as an entry for the Parallel Lines competition hosted by Philips Cinema and RSA Films (Ridley Scott).

Filmed on the northern tip of Baffin Island, Anirniq – the Inuit word for breath – is a 3 minute film about an Inuit man confronting the loss of his father when a young boy on his first, narwhal hunt.
[…] Read more »

Making It Happen.

I feel it is important to talk about this now. It is important to talk about it before there is any final product to scrutinize, criticize, love or hate. It is important because it is the most essential element and no matter where we arrive, no matter what we make, no matter if we feel we fail or succeed we must first take a chance and believe. That is the most vital commitment. We must have faith and be willing[…] Read more »

Anirniq Blog Updated Daily & Flickr Page

We have returned from Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic and we will be updating our short film blog daily, reflecting back on the trip and looking forward at post production. We have also uploaded behind-the-scenes images from the project on our flickr page:

Baffin Island Flickr Page
Anirniq Short Film Blog

Tanya Tagaq: The Voice of Our Short Film Anirniq

We are extremely excited that Tanya Tagaq has enthusiastically joined the creative team for our short film Anirniq. Tanya’s mesmerizing music was an immediate choice for me to be the voice for this film. Not only did it make sense from a cultural perspective given Tanya’s style is rooted in Inuit throat signing but the visceral tones of the music provided the tension and beauty that we needed to juxtapose in the story. I first heard Tanya perform live with[…] Read more »

Anirniq – Short Film Blog is Live

We have officially launched our production blog for the short film Anirniq, our entry for the Philips Parallel Lines competition. The blog will feature all behind the scenes and project progress as we prepare to depart in 3 weeks for the northern tip of Baffin Island, north of the Arctic Circle. Please take a look and continue to follow our updates. It should be an exciting adventure and a mighty challenge to pull everything together, we hope you share in the[…] Read more »

Is Brüdder Baffin Island Bound?

We at Brüdder are very excited at the challenge we have set before us. What is life without some adventure? Our current trial of choice is a global, short film competition which will have us produce a 3 minute film by August 8th based on a predetermined script. And that’s not truly the challenge. We feel we have an exciting and relevant concept, the tricky part is that we need to film it in a specific part of the Arctic[…] Read more »

Kickstarter – Community Support For Creative Ventures

Kickstarter This is a great program set up in the United States to help support creative endeavors of all sizes. I love the model of the artistic and business community sharing their ideas and concepts and people supporting them financially in varied donations. I think this model goes beyond just the financial support, it empowers people to initiate projects that might fly under the radar of traditional or governmental funding and allows the public to feel inspired and connected to[…] Read more »

Blend Images Conference

So what did we learn by attending the Blend Images Conference in Palm Springs? Firstly, and most important, the iPhone is not resistant to prolonged bathing in a hot tub. Secondly, we are on the right track. As invitees, I attended the private, conference attended by some high profile industry insiders with my photography colleagues Noel Hendrickson and Steven Errico. The theme was the evolution of motion for still photographers. As one of the few, sole Video Producers there I[…] Read more »

Brüdder Productions Motion Control Timelapse Rig

Time Lapse Motion Control Rig Test #1 from Brüdder on Vimeo.

Timelapse photography is one of those mesmerizing but evasive techniques. It takes dedication, skill and a mix of fortuitous timing and being in just the right position to pull off a truly engaging and effective timelapse shot. Here at Brüdder we have been experimenting with timelapse photography for some time, and as great as the shots are there is a level of commitment that few put in to[…] Read more »

Video Promos Featured In New Hangar 18 Website

Hangar 18 Creative Group, based in Vancouver, Canada launched their new site which included work produced by Brüdder. Hangar 18 Creative asked Brüdder to produce a series of looped videos featuring each of their staff in a generic location or scenario of their choice. Each video bares the iconic Hangar 18 reference to a “cheesy UFO caught on tape”. The videos are a playful way of introducing the unique personalities of each H18 team member. Frames from the videos have also[…] Read more »

Tourism Squamish Video Campaign Goes Live!

Thanks to everyone who contributed so much to this project. This was truly a hands on affair and we couldn’t have done it without your blood (mainly thanks to all the mosquitos), sweat (as evidenced by the final days of my walking cast) and tears (generally when we had to say good-bye to such amazing people). A special thanks to those who donated their time and expertise and the community of Squamish for being so committed and incredibly welcoming. We[…] Read more »

Morocco Bound

Flickr Photo Credit:chrisflyer

Brüdder will once again be collaborating with photographer Pete Webb as we travel to Morocco for Neilson, the International Adventure Tour Company operating out of the UK. This should prove to be a challenging and exciting project taking us through the markets of Marrakech to the deserts of the Sahara, from the High Atlas Mountains to the surf towns of the western coast. Brüdder will be producing a commercial marketing video for Neilson as well[…] Read more »

Nivea Video Campaign Shoot Wrapped

The Nivea video shoot is successfully complete. The production, shot on RED was a series of short vignettes to populate Nivea’s global website, highlighting a series of exercises and “On The Go” workouts to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The production was a collaboration with the digital agency Blast Radius Amsterdam for the client Nivea based in Hamburg, Germany. The challenge was integrating the new video content into the website design while maintaining consistency with pre-determined graphic design and a[…] Read more »

Nivea Body Video Campaign

Winters in Vancouver can be pretty wet, dark and gloomy so the prospect of shooting a series of videos for Nivea that must look and feel like summer had its obstacles. But with some quick planning and a truck load of sod and foliage, we felt confident we could make the transformation. A full day of shooting was required outside on a residential patio and with relentless rainfall leading up to the shoot day we opted for a couple of[…] Read more »


I had the pleasure of attending the Grande Luxe Hall at the Western Front last night and an intriguing set of musical performances as part of the ongoing CLAMOUR series featuring artists Cris Derksen of Vancouver and and a mesmerizing, improvised electronic/sax duet performed by Chantale Laplante of Montreal & Jeremy Brown of Calgary. The series runs every Thursday from 5-7pm in the month of October and is a great apres work musical interlude for anyone looking for a relaxed,[…] Read more »

Tourism Squamish Video Production in Numbers

Shooting Sunset over The Howe Sound Well, I think we have shot our last image for Tourism Squamish. Needless-to-say it has been an epic production this Summer and Fall. We thought sharing a few, notable numbers might put the whole thing into perspective: 50 days on location 750 working hours 16 sports filmed 3 seasons passed 7 months in production 61 hours of footage filmed 129 talent filmed 30 Interviews 52 unique locations 40 Return trips on the Sea To Sky Highway 53 Miles hiked With gear: 15,912 feet elevation gained: 2 air[…] Read more »

Boston Pizza – Online Video Promo

\ Hockey Talk With Wade and Boston Pizza Once again we had the pleasure of working with Hangar 18 Creative to shoot a video promo for their client Boston Pizza. The short, 15 second spot is to feature on their website as well as broadcast during hockey games in Alberta. Playing off the typical hockey room interview, Brüdder shot the Hangar 18 concept and delivered the final project for their client within a very tight turnaround. We are certainly seeing the production of[…] Read more »