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Hangar 18

Vida Jurcic, Partner at Hangar 18 Creative We at Brüdder had the good fortune to work with the creative folks at Hangar 18 to produce some quirky identity spots. We have long been proponents of using video as an alternative to the traditional “About Us” or “Who We Are” sections on websites. It is a perfect opportunity to use video for one of its great strengths which is direct, personal communication. A creative video offers the chance for potential clients, partners[…] Read more »

Microsoft Animated Video – “The Race”

Storyboard Page from “The Race”

Video 2 for the Microsoft campaign “Race To Market Challenge” is complete!

Microsoft Campaign – First Video Animation “The Scoop” Launched

Storyboards from “The Scoop”, the first of 5 Animations

Well, after a hectic, quick turnaround we delivered the first “Race To Market Challenge” to very positive response.

Only 4 more videos to go!

Watch the animation at our homepage: Brüdder Homepage

Microsoft Animated Commercial Campaign

Brüdder Productions teams up with Blast Radius again to develop an animated campaign to promote “The Race To Market Challenge”, a competition for mobile developers to create Apps for their new Microsoft App store. We were charged with the task of developing a simple, clear animated concept in an effort to minimize traditional Microsoft branding and simplify the message as the campaign was targeted at App developers, not standard customers. We also had a very tight turnaround to produce[…] Read more »