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Anirniq Awarded Best Short Film at VIMFF

We are proud of our short film Anirniq being selected as Best Short Film at VIMFF, The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival. We have since been invited to the 2011 Worldwide Short Film Festival and The New Zealand Mountain Film Festival. Let’s hope we continue the journey.

Anirniq on Vimeo

Anirniq is Live

We are very excited to announce the completion and launch of our short film fable Anirniq produced as an entry for the Parallel Lines competition hosted by Philips Cinema and RSA Films (Ridley Scott).

Filmed on the northern tip of Baffin Island, Anirniq – the Inuit word for breath – is a 3 minute film about an Inuit man confronting the loss of his father when a young boy on his first, narwhal hunt.
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Anirniq Blog Updated Daily & Flickr Page

We have returned from Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic and we will be updating our short film blog daily, reflecting back on the trip and looking forward at post production. We have also uploaded behind-the-scenes images from the project on our flickr page:

Baffin Island Flickr Page
Anirniq Short Film Blog

Tanya Tagaq: The Voice of Our Short Film Anirniq

We are extremely excited that Tanya Tagaq has enthusiastically joined the creative team for our short film Anirniq. Tanya’s mesmerizing music was an immediate choice for me to be the voice for this film. Not only did it make sense from a cultural perspective given Tanya’s style is rooted in Inuit throat signing but the visceral tones of the music provided the tension and beauty that we needed to juxtapose in the story. I first heard Tanya perform live with[…] Read more »