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NSSS Charitable Video Production

Brüdder Donates Services To Produce Fundraiser Video for NSSS Brüdder heard about the North Shore Schitzophrenia Society’s need for a promotional video for their first annual public fundraiser and immediately set up a meeting with the organization’s founders and operators. After some discussions Brüdder quickly came on board and committed to producing a 7 minute feature video to be shown at the fundraiser as well as online to help connect with individuals interested in contacting the[…] Read more »

Haro Park Charity Video

Brüdder Donates Services for Marketing Video For Haro Park Photo: Hendrickson Photo As part of our company’s annual commitment to donate production services to worthy organizations or causes, Brüdder produced a marketing video for the Haro Park Retirement facility in downtown Vancouver. Brüdder was approached by the marketing director Christine Hendrickson to create a versatile tool that they could use for fundraising and special events. The facility relies on the generous donations of local businesses and[…] Read more »