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Tourism Squamish Video Campaign Goes Live!

Thanks to everyone who contributed so much to this project. This was truly a hands on affair and we couldn’t have done it without your blood (mainly thanks to all the mosquitos), sweat (as evidenced by the final days of my walking cast) and tears (generally when we had to say good-bye to such amazing people). A special thanks to those who donated their time and expertise and the community of Squamish for being so committed and incredibly welcoming. We[…] Read more »

Tourism Squamish Video Production in Numbers

Shooting Sunset over The Howe Sound Well, I think we have shot our last image for Tourism Squamish. Needless-to-say it has been an epic production this Summer and Fall. We thought sharing a few, notable numbers might put the whole thing into perspective: 50 days on location 750 working hours 16 sports filmed 3 seasons passed 7 months in production 61 hours of footage filmed 129 talent filmed 30 Interviews 52 unique locations 40 Return trips on the Sea To Sky Highway 53 Miles hiked With gear: 15,912 feet elevation gained: 2 air[…] Read more »

Kenton Gilchrest – AKA “The Composer”

A special shout out to Kenton Gilchrest, not only the voice behind the Tourism Squamish Mountain Biking vignette but the composer of the music for the Tourism Squamish Campaign. Kenton took our original creative brief and sonic vision for the project and truly brought it to life. He was great to work with, accommodating the usual tight timelines and changing technical and creative requirements to meet our needs. Thanks Kenton, you have added a wonderful layer to the Tourism Squamish[…] Read more »

Squamish Aerials Video Shoot

After almost 40 days on location in Squamish shooting our campaign for the Tourism Commission it was all coming to an end. What a fitting way too. We had obviously been nervous about committing to one day for shooting the aerials. The weather in the region was always fairly unpredictable and could change quite quickly, so there was never any real security in our decision. But we simply just needed to find a period of 2-3 days that was forecasted to[…] Read more »

The Chief: Part 2 of 2 With the rock face shoot successfully under our harness, we quickly shifted our focus to the second part of the Rock Climbing vignette which was to be filmed at the summit of the Chief. To maintain the consistency of the story and to once again maximize the end of day light, we set off up the famous Chief trail just after lunch, allowing ourselves some extra hiking time due to the copious amount of dead weight we[…] Read more »

Staring the Chief In The Face: Filming the Squamish Climbing Vignette: Part 1 of 2 The filming of the Rock Climbing Vignette, as part of our Tourism Squamish campaign, had always been highly anticipated. We were looking forward to the challenge of capturing the essence of one of the more iconic activities in Squamish. The biggest concern had always been weather and logistics. We needed beautiful weather for more than just aesthetics. Rain would make it impossible for us to safely be on the rock face. From a logistical stand point, we[…] Read more »

Video Shoot Overlooking the Howe Sound

One of the great things about producing video, especially travel and tourism projects, are the random places you find yourself or the access to locations you didn’t even knew existed. Last night was one of those moments. Through our ongoing production for Tourism Squamish we had the good fortunate to shoot some corporate scenes from a truly stunning vantage point. We lucked out again with the weather, something we were certainly concerned about given our scenes revolved around a corporate[…] Read more »

Video Helicam Golf Shots

In an effort to generate some unique perspectives for our golfing footage for the Tourism Squamish project, we incorporated some low aerial footage through a special helicam rig designed and built by Greg Jestico. The helicam – dubbed the “eagle eye” by its maker – certainly provided a great viewpoint to shoot from and added a nice sense of movement to the shots. Shooting from the ground provides great shots but doesn’t always give you a sense of the course[…] Read more »

No Brandy. Just Wine

Brandywine Meadows Sets The Scene For The Squamish Mountain Bike Vignette With the cable cam section of the mountain biking vignette completed, our next plan was shooting the alpine scenes. We committed to Brandywine Meadows not only for the natural beauty of the area but once again for logistical purposes. Brandywine Meadows was certainly and easier alpine region to access with some tough old logging roads leading a good portion of the way up. Craigs truck played camel once more[…] Read more »

Dead Heads

Photo Credit: Noel Hendrickson Photographer, friend and colleague Noel Hendrickson ( joined me for a day in the cold waters of Howe Sound to get footage and stills of kiteboarding and windsurfing for the Tourism Squamish project. Donning “flattering” dry suits and helmets we plunged ourselves into the converging currents of the Sound to grab pick up shots for one of the projects commercial vignettes focusing on a Kiteboarder. Photographer, friend and colleague Noel Hendrickson ( joined me[…] Read more »

Cable Guys

Angry Midget was our Cable-Cam trail of choice, as recommended by Taylor. We scouted a few options in the days leading up to the shoot and felt good about this choice. Not only did the trail offer the quintessential forest look we wanted to feature but there were plenty of big trees and spacing to allow for the cables to be run in the appropriate positions. Ambrose Weingart joined the Brüdder team for this specific day and lent us his[…] Read more »

Brüdder To Produce Tourism Squamish Commercial Campaign

We are very pleased and excited to announce that Brüdder Productions was awarded the bid to produce a campaign for Tourism Squamish. After several meetings and pitches of concept and logistical planning, the Tourism Commission of Squamish and a Whistler PR firm felt we were the right fit for the ambitious project based mainly on our creative concept and experience in producing Tourism based commercial products. The concept centers mainly around 10 strategically defined vignettes and the tag line of[…] Read more »