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The Fastest Shoot In The West

Not that there were really any specific deadlines for us to shoot and edit to, aside from those that were internally self imposed, we are happy to announce the completion of our short film STAG. Time can be an ally and and an enemy of the creative process. This is especially true of projects without a client or a specific target event. Plans and schedules can be pushed, delayed and postponed for all kinds of valid reasons so without the[…] Read more »

Stag – A New Short Film Through Kickstarter

We are very excited about our latest project, a short film called Stag. This is our first time using the crowd-sourcing platform of Kickstarter to help fund the project. Kickstarter is an exciting and incredible tool for artists, inventors and creators to gain financial support from the public. Their website is well constructed. It is easy to search for projects and navigate through what they are about and what they have on offer. What Kickstarter does is allow the creators[…] Read more »

BC Rugby Hits Hard.

Sometimes it’s better to be behind the camera. Over two cold, rainy nights, players of BC Rugby and the Canadian national program beat the hell out of themselves and each other in the name of promotion. I suppose this is what they do on a regular basis but we thank them just the same. BC Rugby approached Brüdder on the heels of our production for the UVIC Vikes video we produced this past summer and wanted a campaign of[…] Read more »

Forsaken – The Feature Film Project

We are excited to announce that we are in development of the feature film project Forsaken. Follow along on the Forsaken Facebook page or the dedicated feature film Forsaken blog. The film is based on a true story as told in the books The Godforsaken Sea and Close To The Wind, an amazing adventure that follows one of the greatest single handed rescues at sea by Pete Goss of fellow sailor Raphael Dinelli. Trust us, this is one compelling and[…] Read more »