Anirniq (Breath)

Filmed on location on the northern tip of Baffin Island, “Anirniq” – Inuktitut for breath – is an award-winning short fable about an Inuit man confronting the loss of his father when he was a young boy on his first narwhal hunt.

The story explores the Inuit belief that when someone dies their spirit goes into the living creatures around them and thus the Inuit saying: “The great peril of our existence is that our diet consists entirely of souls”.

The short film Anirniq was produced as part of the Phillips Cinema Parallel Lines competition which challenged filmmakers from around the world to produce a film under 3 minutes in length using six lines of existing dialogue reflected in the film.

Anirniq was a semi-finalist for best short at the Banff International Film Festival and won best short film at VIMFF.